Study MBBS Abroad Consultants

Partners One of the top USU priorities is developing and carrying out joint educational programs in cooperation with a number of universities and colleges from the USA, Germany, India, and China; Wesleyan College (Macon, Georgia), Shenandoah University (Winchester, Virginia), University of Osnabrück, (Osnabrück, Germany), Duisburg-Essen University (Duisburg, Germany), Jaro Institute of Technology, Management and Research (India), Hunan Normal University (China) are some of the main partners of the university. From the last three years, the exchanges have provided study abroad opportunities to almost 100 students from Russian-American Faculty and Russian-German Faculty. Since 2001, USU has conducted summer cultural-academic programs for students, faculty and administrators from foreign partner-institutions. The time in Ulyanovsk, which provides visiting students with insights into Russian economy and culture, is typically counted toward their degree. All in all, USU has arranged 9 programs for 140 foreign guests. Becoming in 1999 a co-founder of ItalianRussian Institute of Research and Education, USU has provided many students and faculty members with a chance to participate in international summer schools hosted each year by a different member institution.

Starting September 2006, USU will annually host a summer school dedicated to coniferous and broad-leaved forests. Over the last two years USU has signed cooperative agreements with the University of Palermo, Hochschule Niederrhein (Germany), Masaryk University (Czech Republic), Utemisov West-Kazakhstan State University (Republic of Kazakhstan). In addition, cooperative agreements are being completed with East Tennessee State University, La Grange College (USA), Freiberg Technical University Bergacademie (Germany), and about 30 higher educational institutions from the former Soviet Union republics. In April 2012, USU signed an agreement for a joint Russian-Indian International MBA Program with Jaro Institute of Technology, Management and Research (Mumbai). JARO Education is a company which provides services in the field of education, including professional and vocational training and development in India and across the world via web-based and classroom-based instruction. The agreement’s purpose is to provide a framework for academic exchange and joint MBA training of working professionals in India and other Asian countries, including UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa Republic, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Vietnam, Thailand, Bahrain, Cambodia, Burma and the Philippines.