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«Student Autumn»  the show of talented students 

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Student self-government bodies, the Student Union and the Student Council, as well as the Student Club and Sports Club. These student organizations work in close contact with the Office of Youth Policy, which is responsible for coordinating all student activities at the university level.

USU Student Union is an independent public organization that represents the rights and interests of USU students. Head of the union is Petr Ofitserov, who works together with the union committee comprised of the deputy head and representatives of the university faculties.

The Student Union is a membership-based organization. Students joining the union are eligible for the following benefits

  • Protection of their social and economic rights
  • Free legal advice
  • Material aid in difficult situations
  • Christmas gifts for their children
  • Monitoring of living conditions in the dormitory
  • Student Union awards and other benefits for active participation in the extracurricular life
  • Movie tickets at reduced prices
  • Monitoring of scholarships distribution
  • Opportunities for self-expression and realization of their creative ideas.

All of this for a membership fee of 3% of the student scholarship.

The Student Union offers a large variety of events throughout the academic year, such as billiards, bowling, paintball, rock-climbing tournaments, contests titled, Student leader, “The cleanest dorm room”. Most importantly, students not only have a chance to participate in such events, but also to be their organizers. One example is a corporate game of the Institute of Economics and Business, «The Running University», which was invented and carried out by student leaders of the Faculty of Management with the support of the USU Student Union.

The Student Union incorporates the Headquarter of Student Construction Teams, which traces its history to 2009. USU student construction teams have contributed to the construction of Olympic venues in Sochi, a residential area in the city of Ekaterinburg, the «Yamal» megaproject and numerous other construction projects all over Russia.